World's Smallest 650W LiFePO4 Power Station

EV-Grade LiFePO4; 1500+ Charge Cycles; Detachable Magnetic Light; Smart Display

662Wh Capacity

Cycle Life 1500+

Detachable Flashlight

Recharge 0-80%


16 Million Color Display

Power up to 10 devices

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Better Battery
More Capacity

FREMO X700 features the safest EV-grade lithium iron phosphate cell in the industry, which will provide the premium security assurance in the changeable outdoor environment and more life cycles than its peers.

yet powerful

FREMO adopts an intelligent BMS system which will make a real-time analysis and adjustment of the product’s charge and discharge power. The smart heat dissipation mode can ensure the battery safety and the optimization of the whole unit. Furthermore, this intelligent BMS system supports multiple levels of overvoltage, overcurrent, short circuit protection, charge and discharge protection for each battery cell, and the comprehensive temperature protection for the battery pack.

Ease of use

In order to facilitate the use, we upgraded the operation layout of the ordinary portable power stations in the marketplace and moved the operation panel from the side to the top. The utmost user experience has been achieved by embedding 10 output outlets at the side of the unit and applying the multimedia sound effect as well as the color LCD display used for the smartwatch.

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